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What is MRI

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Magnetic resonance imaging - is one of the most promising and andnformativnyh diagnostic methods in the field of medicine. MRI allows us to investigate the internal organs and systems of the human body with high accuracy, detect violations in their work and pathology at an early stage of development. The basis of this method of studying the phenomenon of magnetic resonance of hydrogen nuclei. To carry out diagnostic procedures, The patient is placed in a special device - magnetic imaging - in which a magnetic field is necessary power. As a result of the impact of electromagnetic waves and resonance occurs nuclei, which is then converted into a three-dimensional image. The resulting image of, is highly informative, and software for eof processing allows for the inspection and output sections in different planes. This fact represents a unique diagnostic value in the use of MRI. Especially indispensable this kind of research is in the diagnosis of various internal pathology, trauma, tumors that can not be accurately identify other methods. Diagnosis is made on modern magnetic imaging. A world leader in the development of their company is iproizvodstva. Staff offices tomographic studies constitute the highest category specialists, constantly improve their knowledge. hours in the clinic make "MedSeven".

Competitive advantagesand MRI the following:

- accuracy;
- Extensive research (internal organs, bone, joints);
- availability;
- security.

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