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Careprost - Beauty Tools Eyelash

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Careprost - this is a rescue magic wand for BaShih rare, slow-growing and short lashes. The main active ingredient of the drug is a substance called bimatoprost. Its uniqueness is that it is present in virtually all human cells, stimulates the growth of cells, and improves calcium absorption and disintegration of fat. For use in Kareproste bimatoprostsynthesized from cells of sea coral.

The mechanism of action of the drug is that in contact with the bulb eyelashes, the active ingredient feeds, increasing your circulation and metabolism. As a result, the lashes start to grow faster, adding to the color and size. Kareprost solves the main problem of redkih eyelashes - hair loss. Use of the drug will stop the process of shedding old eyelashes, while stimulating the growth of new ones. As a result, thicker and lashes in length is added to 40%. Healthy and thick eyelashes look well-groomed, give expressiveness and subtle charm the eyes of women. Regular use of the drug canget a lasting effect for one and a half months. When this drug is quite economical, because one vial is sufficient for two to three months of daily use. You can buy at the lowest prices in Ukraine.

Use Kareprost can be once a day (or early evening), pre-wash and removing all makeup (if atlichii) contact lenses. One drop of the preparation must be applied on the base of the eyelashes along the line of their growth with a special applicator. Bring back the natural beauty and health of your lashes!

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