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Top questions about the economic calendar

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Economic Calendar — an essential item for every trader. Vchem its cennost? And how can it affect the state of your bank account? This is not the vse perechenvoprosov that the interests of consumers. We have found the answers to the most popular of them.

What is the economic calendar?

Economic Calendar — a seteconomic events of global importance. All of them are sorted by level of importance and their impact on the global financial system.

What events fall into this calendar in the first place?

The priority for the economic calendar — are political and economicalRP G news, loud voices of authority in the sphere of economy and the publication of economic indicators in different countries. Another detail: each news release corresponds to the current time and the degree of influence of this or that news on the financial market as a whole.

This economic calendar is necessary in the first place?

This calendar — is the chief assistant Forex traders. Thanks to him, they can bring their business to a new level, as well as navigate the great events that are taking place in the global economy and the economy of individual countries.

As with the knowledge of economicThe events can affect the level of a successful trader?

For each trader has a firm rule: « aware — forearmed & raquo ;. Information on the level of unemployment in a given country or the world the presidential election to help them build their own trading strategy and making importantx solutions. As is known, it is these factors have a direct impact on the financial market and the economy. These factors can be used to your benefit. For more information about the properties of the economic calendar can be found on the portal:.

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