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A bit of history

On the amazing healing properties of Saki mud known since time immemorial. The first evidence of anti-aging effect of Saki mud can be found in the ancient Greek traveler Herodotus. In the middle of the   V   BC. He traveled all over the world. In the Among drove in Taurica, Crimea was the name in ancient times. As he wroteHerodotus, the journey was exhausting and tedious. Arriving at the park, is now the modern city of Salem, Herodotus and his team literally ready to drop from exhaustion. Local residents offered them freshen up, so to speak, to wash off fatigue and dust roads. He advised for this … take a dip in the mud. But not in the nridorozhnoy ditch, and in a nearby mud lakes. After such an unusual bath, Herodotus noted in his and his companions unprecedented surge of strength and vitality. He wrote that even a fairly elderly men after a mud bath experienced youthful passion for amorous pleasures, were lively and cheerful. &Nbsp;

The unique healing power

As can be seen from this brief history is really therapeutic. And it was her property even reflected in the name Salem. Translated from the Tatar word « Sak » means health, a gigantic force.

What does the presents tnent of this amazing dirt? Why its effect on the human body so beneficial?

Let's start with the fact that this dirt very complex product consisting of a large number of components. Its structure consists of oxides and salts of metals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, silicon, calcium, and others. Just the tiniestie particles of clay and sand, as well as recycled remains of plants and animals. Everything is dissolved in water silnosolnoy. It is called – rapa. Even without all of the above components brine excellent therapeutic agent. It should be added that in addition to organic and inorganic parts of the Saks therapeutic mud includesgases methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. They increase the penetrating dirt and antibacterial properties.

And finally, the most important thing. All this never would have been so well-known and mud, if not unique natural factor. The thing is that in this place for thousands of years, a one-of-itsm kind of microclimate with a unique microflora. The very nature of Saki chose to create a health center here.

For Saki mud is able to truly work wonders. It has the widest range of effects on the human body. After the mud treatments for all people without exception improve the general mood,increases the tone, are long-term pain. Microparticles Saki dirt, literally, restore the nervous system. Older people have normal venous circulation and the heart begins to work like new, many   dissolve blood clots.

Especially good Saki mud cures. After a few treatmentsdiseased portions of the skeleton acquire a second life. In some cases, the doctor noted a complete regeneration of unhealthy bone.

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