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Linen fabric is a source of health and longevity

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Linen fabric, due to its natural origin, has established itself in the folk style. For many years there tenedentsiya to the creation of fashion images based on it. Gaining momentum in popularity of Boho. The combination of different textures of fabrics in one image, layering, attention to accessories, the details of decor in simple style dresses or shirts - all its special features. Under this style of linen fabric can be embroidered or printed (clear geometric, romantic, floral or ethnic).

colors predominate Among the more natural that are suitable for such natural fabrics as linen, khaki, olive, brown, green and beige. And forget about iron! Crumpled linen accentuate the feature of this style: easy ease and even negligence. Therefore, even very picky fashionistas don't have to worry about wrinkles on linen. The main value of natural linen in its cooling effect in summer and a breathable design.


Where to buy?

Buyers of fabrics have long appreciated the convenience of online shopping, because to buy on the web quickly and inexpensively. In addition, the product easy to order from almost any city of Ukraine. Internet-shop "megateks" can be bought (roll and more) from the manufacturer, selecting the right color or texture for photo and description on the website. A wide range will allow not to limit themselves in the choice and realize creative ideas in full.

Home textile

Linen Drapes will never go out of fashion and never lose their relevance. As curtain fabrics, linen is very practical. The fact that these curtains do not absorb dust, to collect dirt and absorb odors. In the interior You can be sure that they will not make the room dark or uncomfortable. It linen Drapes will give the room at the same time the simplicity and nobility. For owners good idea would be a combination of curtains with the bedding material, pillows and other textiles of the room.


Len in tailoring women's and men's clothing is indispensable, because this fabric is soft, breathable, hypoallergenic. Most often it becomes the basis for summer dresses (no fashionista will not be without a bright dress that will make an image of both simple and sophisticated) and shirts. And advantageous will look as solid compositions and solutions with the use of prints. It can be popular plaid shirts or stripes.

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