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Useful properties of linen fabric

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As you know, the textile industry begins its chronology with many years BC. Flax cultivation began about 5 thousand years ago. People have experienced the need for creating clothes in the cold season. Naturally, the material which they used depended on their place of residence and environmental conditions. Homeland flax products are considered to be countries of the Middle East, Egypt. There it was considered a luxury item and a sign of wealth. He later gained popularity in other territories, in particular, on the shores of the Black and Caspian seas. In Europe, flax was popular on the territory of modern Switzerland. There it was made into nets for fishing and rope for hunting. According to ancient Scriptures, clothing made of linen was worn by the most respected people, even the mummies of the pharaohs were preserved with flax. There was a time when the people of Egypt used it as their currency. And in appeared 1,500 years ago.

grooming Requirements and working with the material

Linen is very practical and undemanding in care. However, there are some tips following which You can easily care for the material and extend its service life. In preparation for the wash, try to find a tool that will increase water alkalinity. Then pollution will be easier to withdraw completely without damaging the fiber. Be sure to soak the product before washing. This should be done in water with a temperature of 30-45 degrees. Half an hour later, you are ready to wash. Here the temperature can even reach 90 degrees (it is recommended for white clothes). If needed, bleach the product can be, and boiling it. When the Laundry's done, the canvas can squeeze in a washing machine with a small amount of momentum, but in any case it is impossible to Unscrew with your hands, otherwise You may deform the product. If dry clothes naturally and not in the machine, then ensure that they did not get direct sunlight. Ironed need to use the humidifier or not allowing things to dry out before the end.

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