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What is the meter

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The meter - a device used to measure the level of glucose in the organicfluids (blood, cerebrospinal fluid). In society, the device has a stable association with a disease like diabetes. This group of diseases which arise as a result of failure of the peptide hormone (insulin). Against the background of pathology increases the concentration of blood glucose (insulin produced by the pancreas, acts as a blockerincrease the amount of glucose). The disease is chronic and is accompanied by metabolic disorders: carbohydrate, fat, protein, mineral and water-salt. Depending on the form and stage of the disease, the patient needs regular blood glucose monitoring, because the disease itself can occur without typical symptoms, and violationsin the other systems of the body permanently occur.

Glucometers () are classified, depending on the method of determining the glucose content:

- photometric;
- electrochemical;
- Raman.

Whichever method is used, Tandyntsiya development of blood glucose meters leads to minimize their opportunities to use the device at home at any moment. By itself, the meter is not a "stand alone" device - it is rather a processing unit, which comes from the indicator (sensor). Usually supplied with the meter includes the following elements:

- the indicator test strip - the main touch the components. glyukozoksidatny has an active sensor in contact with that, there is a biochemical reaction with blood glucose;
- scarifiers (fingerprick);
- pen (dosage and insulin);
- insulin cartridges.

Nextuet noted that each component manufacturer glucometers indicator plates, which are compatible with a particular model of the meter and it is necessary to pay special attention when choosing the device.

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