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Abyssinians are one of the oldest breeds of the cat in the world. These Shorthairs cats have little if not the most interesting and rich history of the origin and development of all. It is believed that the ancestors of the Abyssinian cats were wild African cat who tamed the Egyptians, and came to be revered as sacred animals. In some African regions, this cat is still considered sacred, and its presence in the house shows inExposure to extreme family status. The name of the breed comes from the name of the region of the first dwelling "wild" representatives - Abyssinia (modern territory of Ethiopia). The first description of the breed standards and have been described in the distant 1889, but most of those standards and successfully employed to this day. Details about the Abyssinians will tell Abyssinian catsAbySpirit - look.

Wat some distinctive features of Abyssinian:

- size medium;
- Shorthair;
- strong muscles;
- developed back;
- a well-developed back and legs .
- long tail, etc.
- wedge-shaped head;
- almondsvye eyes yellowish;

The color of the wool has eight options: wild, red, beige and blue. In addition to these colors, there are eight more that the truth is not always recognized by international organizations. In addition, the cats of this breed have a distinctive pattern wool - eachhair coat itself is striped. Cats are in good health and very rarely get sick.
Cats of this breed is very playful, interested in everything, because can not wait to take part in any of your venture. Abyssinians are quite proud and vindictive.

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