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Yakima bude 8th IPhone: Oftin information that sensitive!

July 05 2017

Kamusi not Stig nabidnout iPhone 7, dehta has DOS vigorito 6th, 5th , navti 4th and Svit already povnitsa shutkami first pripuschennymi about those scho bude to najblizsom gadget of the future - 8th Ifon.

Presentation somogo pokolinnja smartfon Apple vabulas 7 September 2016, oftin prodag aparata vzhe long dokatalsya to the Ukraine Russie , VSI news (and also husky Arti I) Buli pravachan viklyuchno yomu. Ale Varto nakadate scho on cob 2017 rock vabulas has more I of pondus - destiny Yula s time anesovna pershoho iPhone. TSE zrobiv osobiste STV jobs in SCN, 2007.

Bagato hto not pam ataut, surely, that the hour in a wide Mentone Apple asial in the first cargo s plerome iPod, yaki Boule then saleno populyarnymi: h kupuvali nawt the people of Yakima the I m?sica-Naka not potrebna Bula's life. From the distant 2007 year all was wondering the Yakima bude Perche IPhone, blesst prognozu svodilsya to scho TSE bude analog iPod, tilki troch different. A number Domilu naprawd bbusa! Wkra curiously, naslite spitalul actual forecasting s Tim, Yakima will IPhone 8, if VIN dosr in anguish Corporat. By the way, tcav survey (prognozowanie ZnO, the date of exit, characteristics...) about possible procitati on Sait http://iphone8cena.ru.

iPhone 8: Yakima VIN Buda?

  • product Name. In seredova fantv especially Sapelli supereco not wiklich lachey names. Sposterezhennya pokazhut: if sluwatj of marketingowy logs compan Apple, nastupni aparat exactly. nazyvatsya IPhone 7S, Oskolki nastav hour sama. "vsci". Nedavno Bulo vyyavleno Yak patento company logo, Yak odnochasno nagada I figure 8, and anglisku letter S. TSE neimovirna have cantalicia spottergijs. Mabuchi, same tsogo effect spivrobitnyky s Apple I domagalska. Bude on Chim, palamuti the head, pokey residual no camp a clear date to exit iPhone 8 (ale Buti can mayzhe itinanim scho TSE 2017 one year);
  • slope. Vono sakugawa special rozpadu, Oskolki have an opinion, for scho Tsey times the body of the gadget bude 100% probleni from folding. Something podne ngenera Apple privalia zastosowanie in 4th I IPhone 4S, ale on Dumka enthusiasts, Tsey times, constructori put further I will nabagato smilevski. Required, all surface dwellers smartphone sdavalsa denim the screen, that will not rskych faces. Wanono recently prototype podna aparatu s vygnutymi sklanky edges vzhe demonstrably the presentations of the developers from I postachalnik RSNA companies;
  • Display. Also wahome meeting place in cudah first forecasts SIMA vignati OLED display, and h vaiko nazvati swimi - bagato hto tsogo wymaga I as. VSI hochut from “Abluka” the new pokolinnya OLED - z more contrast I cdou picture, and also dovgotchkun razdelno scatty in 4K (that is 4 tis pxlw for horizontal);
  • Model. Some journalst, that write about techno, ablaut choice s three RSNA widw models. For example, shadani wise vignati screen, likely, bude robotica on snow komplektuyuchi from Samsung I bude tilki vikoristannya in the most topowo model iPhone 8 (Yak I sdon camera). From models proste I deshevshe checkout flat ekranu 4.7 I 5.5 inches. So, the iPhone 8 bude niresearch price, the Yak I vidimosti prices zdaleka for this reason, after soundnet flagship obta bootie wkra itsnewsnow;
  • Niyakogo DRTV! Bezdrotove world to pradovit oppotunity us svoimi duplicate. Nedavno jurnalisti "Forbes" vilevile Vpevnenist scho features nastupny IFOV will zakljuchaetsja in siknin devel mu for naushniki I wprowadza Bezdrotova charging from the special kilima-pumping station, and that I sovsem without Demba;
  • Biometrychni option. Dostupn for analso s gadget, the stench of the radical rite to rasshiryat sviy list. VSI checkauth function rosaceana of smartphone Rukh snic eye that NSA podna novaci, that to tablet not only buttons, but nawt h image smsdam s view from the past. Zaradi tsogo 8-rd IPhone mozhut bought navti ti, hto Yogo bobachevsky, go to NSU side vulitsi. Naprawd navti ODN s pererahovan from participation novaci will dosite for spraving marketing prorivu, yakogo Apple vzhe have not spostiamo, and the people behind it have duzhe skuchali!

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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