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Sapphire braces: advantages and features

July 05 2017

People tend to beautify the appearance. If rings, necklaces and bracelets are not enough, the course is “tuning” of the body. Tattoos, piercings, nail. Got to the teeth. Fashionable dental: enamel inlaid with precious stones. Fashion and patients are not afraid that a healthy tooth have to drill: after the beauty needs of victims.

Now glittering gems have adopted and orthodontists. Incredible popularity among the representatives of show business, actors and beauties are sapphire braces. In this case the stones do not damage the teeth, and is decorated, at the same time bringing a smile to perfection. I am glad that to see it was able and Ukrainian patients. Structures installed in the Metropolitan hospital .


What are sapphires used by orthodontists

Agree, mouth full of sparkling blue gems too eccentric. That is, if the braces are decorated with natural sapphires. In fact, orthodontic constrcted used nanokristallicheskie aluminium oxide, which received the name of artificial sapphire.

This mineral is grown in a lab, and looks more like a diamond. Create crystals at a temperature of 20500, then cut and polished. Rocks out transparent, and the rays of light sparkle and shimmer.


Sapphire pros

Most interesting is that these braces and looks original, and “work” on the result. Result patients of the clinic 32 Dent mark 6 months after installation.

The good the braces with sapphire crystal

  • aesthetically pleasing version of autoconstruction. Don't spoil the image, and decorate. Equally well suited to business people, TV presenters, young people;
  • the
  • invisible on the teeth. Is not created the effect of “metal bracket”: the arc painted in the color of the enamel and the stones reflect light and remind yourself just sparkling glare;
  • the
  • durable ceramic single crystals: synthetic sapphire leaves traces on emeralds, garnets and quartz;
  • the
  • reliable fixation;
  • the
  • adaptation of 3-5 days. Polished stones don't scratch the mucosa, the articulation is not disturbed, Patients reported that “just unusual the first time»;
  • the
  • stones are not white in the neon light: is important for lovers of night clubs and discos;
  • the
  • there is No galvanic effect. Simply put, a person does not have a headache while wearing braces.

one caveat, which allocates a sapphire brackets – prices. The cost is certainly lower than natural gemstones. But compared to ceramics – expensive “stuff”. At the clinic 32 Dent offer a compromise variant: to install the sapphires on the front teeth, and the rest – ceramics.

Aesthetics of the result – braces with single crystals in action.

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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