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Psychoendocrinology: What is it?

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the Relationship of the psyche with the work of glands of internal secretion was first described a long time ago, since the time of Eugen Bleuler. In this case, the interaction is reciprocal: the same way as the endocrine changes in the body affect human psycho-emotional condition, mental disorder also change the glands internal. secretion of our body.

Thus we can assume that this relationship was the reason for the founding of psychoendocrinology - science, which is designed in the future in great detail to describe the regularities of the interaction of the endocrine and mental systems in the human body. This, today, makes it possible to predict how the emergence and development of various side effects from use in medical practice of all kinds of medicines and to avoid errors during the treatment of patients, make their lives much better.

by the Way, in Moscow in the field of psychoendocrinology work (Matevosyan Stepan Nurbaevich, Kudryashov, Valery V., Tsarenko Maria Romanovna, Gorobets Lyudmila Galtseva Natalia) and other medical institutions.

today, it psychoendocrinology proved that the functioning of the glands (namely the production of hormones) and the whole endocrine system, directly affect: emotions, behavior and thinking.

  1. For example, take a well-known hormone — the adrenaline secreted by the adrenal glands. So, when a person experiences physical pain, fear, stress, anxiety and shock, adrenaline allows the heart to withstand the high loads that arise in these cases. But there's also the downside: even the feeling of causeless fear and anxiety, may also trigger the production of this hormone. Ie, here is the human psyche takes control of hormonal processes;
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  3. Another example: thyroid, that as the lack and excess may lead to different depressive States.

the foregoing leads to the conclusion that psychoendocrinology is not just a field to gain new knowledge and also practical part (application area) medicine, which allows you to more properly diagnose the entire spectrum of mental disorders, and endocrine diseases.

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