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How to adjust your hearing AIDS properly

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Auditory apparatus of new generation – a comfortable life and normal communication. Provided, however, that the device is configured professionally. Otherwise, instead of the pure natural sounds get noise, distorted sound, too quiet or loud signal. Despite the tiny size of the device, inside – a complicated electronic filling, so the device installs and configures the occupational therapist, audiologist.

the Stages of machine setup

Patient first wearing a hearing aid can be compared to a swimmer-defend, dense in the waterfall. In one case of a man overwhelmed by a flood of water, in another – an avalanche of sounds. To quickly get used to changes in life, and the adaptation did not cause discomfort, need careful .

the Process occurs in stages:

1. The primary tuning device.

2. Audiologist adjusts the device options on the results of the audiogram-card hearing, is completed for each ear of the patient. Modern devices are configured through the computer. Non-programmable devices are regulated differently: the patient wears headphones and sends a signal via button on the audiometer, when he hears a different intensity and frequency of sounds. After that, the doctor adjusts the machine.

3. Getting used to the device. After installing the device, the person learns to hear anew. To adjust takes time, because the sounds heard through the device differently. Experts recommend that for the first 1-2 weeks more to change the situation to “test” range of sounds:

  • to communicate with different people;
  • the
  • to listen to audio, watch TV;
  • the
  • to travel in public transport;
  • the
  • to be in crowded places: on the market in shops.

4. Reconfigure. After 2-3 weeks the patient comes in audiology centre, and the doctor adjusts the machine to the perception of sounds became more clear and comfortable. Audiologist conducts adjustment based on the comments of the patient.

5. In the future, experts recommend to go for settings when changes in perception: the sounds heard are quieter or louder murmurs, lost sharpness.

Why is the Audiphone adaptation is quick

German hearing AIDS Audifon – the device, which takes into account every detail. After initial setup, these devices automatically adjust each of the seven listening situations. The device for 5 seconds automatically switches to the conversation under the noise of the wind or listening to music. For changes to the environment following “smart” electronic chip-Cosma.

Wireless device – it is a list of additional features: headphone, headset, chat on the phone.

Hearing aid new generation and proper configuration – main conditions for getting used to the world of sound was quick and comfortable.

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