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How to choose good sunglasses

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the contemporary women and men in pursuit of fashionable trends to try in any cost to delay the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Taking the time to search the many creams, masks and other cosmetic procedures, they forget that to solve the problem may be one of the most popular accessory – sunglasses from an online store .

Why you need glasses and what to pay attention?

If you dig deeper into his past, you probably found the fact that we squint on Sunny days from glare. A similar situation can be observed in the SLR camera, where one of the methods of compensation in the event of excessive lighting, is to reduce the size (diameter) of the aperture, i.e. the number of rays falling on the sensor. At this time, the skin around the eye is compressed, forming natural pleats. The more often and longer this lasts, the closer the wrinkles.

so, sunglasses can prevent wrinkles, but first and foremost they need to protect the eyes from the bright rays. In addition, constant squinting reduces the degree of assessment of the situation that negatively affects, for example, on the security of driving. But in order to choose a stylish, safe and effective glasses, you will have to spend your time and consider the following factors:

  • lens Material, eyeglasses and its form;
  • the Degree of darkening of the lenses; the

  • Level of protection.

a Little about the materials

In this regard, it is more important to choose from which will made lenses. Options are basically two: glass or polymer (polycarbonate, acrylic, etc.). In favor of the first said resistance to scratches and high temperatures, but plastic is less traumatic (not as fragile) and is much better holds ultraviolet rays. As for rims, it is more important not the material itself (metal or plastic), and quality of performance (absence of cracks, uniform, fastening the individual elements).

the Degree of darkening of the lenses is achieved by applying a specific coating (polarized, mirrored, photochromic, graded, etc.). Each option has its own characteristics (reflects light, changing the hue, the intensity of the light radiation). Accordingly, there are limitations to the use of specific types of lenses, for example, in the mountains or the sea will be the ideal polarized lenses eliminates many glare, while drivers recommended glasses with a photochromic coating.

the same principle is also used for light transmission. The maximum level should only be used where there is really bright sun, otherwise it can adversely affect the eyes.

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