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Styles in the visual arts: Abstract art and its appearance

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First of all, abstract art is a confrontation of logic and civilization. The whole history of the civilization of 21 St. based on different principles, algorithms, formulas, rules and equations. But, people tend to strive for harmony and balance.

In this regard, at the beginning of the century scientific and technical revolution, there appeared a style of visual art that is not subordinate to the traditional canons of painting, whose main objective was to give freedom to a chaotic and unconscious, on 1st glance devoid of common sense, and thus allowing man to free himself from the influence of dogmas and norms, as well as to maintain their own inner harmony.

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Abstract: What is it?

the word "abstract" (comes from the Latin "abstractus," which is translated as an abstract, remote). This is a very wide direction in art of the 20th century, which appeared in several European countries in the early 1910s. For this kind of art characterized by the use of purely formal elements to playing reality, where accurate representation or imitation of reality was not an end in itself.

the Founders of abstract art were artists such as K. Malevich, V. Kandinsky, P. Mondrian, Robert Delaunay, franti?ek Kupka. Their way of painting was based on the desire to "harmonize" the creation of specific geometric shapes and color combinations, so as to cause the spectator various associations.

In the abstract there may be 2-VA clear directions: lyrical abstraction, directly in which the composition is formed from freely current forms (bright representative Kandinsky), and also geometric abstraction, which is mainly based on well-defined configurations (bright representatives: Mondrian, Malevich). In addition, the abstract also, we have a few independent large-scale currents:

  • Cubism;
  • Rayonism (Leucism);
  • Neoplasticism;
  • Orphism;
  • Suprematism;
  • Tachisme;
  • Abstract expressionism.

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