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Girabaldi: what it is and what they need

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are You tired to stand for hours in the morning and evening traffic jams on the roads? You scare the ever-increasing price of gasoline? You don't know where to Park in front of office or house, and is forced to put the car for two quarters? Consider to buy giribaldi – advanced transport vehicles relieves you from all these problems. Today, these devices are the market leaders in electron transport not only in our country but in many other countries around the world. Hoverboards are in Ukraine can be found in big cities and small towns. They go to work, school, nature, meeting with friends in parks, go on picnics or just for a walk outside the city.

Years of worldwide practice of the use of these vehicles proved advancement gadget, as well as incredibly broad performance indicators. About to order gyrobot think many, but not all are solved as a result of the acquisition. Why? Yes, because not all have sufficient knowledge about these vehicles that makes them result to buy gyrometer in Kiev. Fix this mistake.

Meet giromagny

Externally, the device is a platform, the sides of which are located around the wheel. At first glance, the simple design is complemented by advanced electronics. That is why the price giramondo quite significant, especially for our compatriots. Thanks to the combination of detailed sophistication and high technology this compact device is capable of carrying long-distance transportation of people weighing up to 130 kg.

differs Enviable simplicity this device is in operation. To learn to ride it for a few minutes can both adult and child. Though transportation and is safe to use, but for kids who are just starting their acquaintance with him, it's better to buy protection equipment: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads. Particularly here - you will be able not only to buy gyrometer inexpensive, but to pick up additional accessories to it.

This transport is able on one battery to drive up to 20-30 kilometers, while developing speed of 15-18 km/h (the average rate). To restore the lost capacity of the battery will require 2-3 hours of time and a connection to conventional household power outlet. You only have to order a Segway and to see in practice significant advantages of the individual transport.

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