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If neophane help for vdduv the pool?

July 10 2017

Dwellers obespecheniya from zakhvoryuvan scho obtained from using the water, it wykonujace Santerno-ademulegun requirements to the regime exploits plavlenyh pools, quality of water, that they mstetice . . nezarazene. In this regard'yazku s CIM je dostupn requirements to parenting and doroslih for vdduv the pool.


Requirements for vdduv the pool dtime

Children mozhut tilki vddat pool with nayavnost the permitted lcara pediatrician. Square from Santerno-ademulegun situat DTM doshkolenok TA molodchogo scilingo VCU obov'yazkovo potrebna dowdy about results parasitological obtienne enterobac:

  • before Priya in plavinu group (section) of the pool, podelcoma nevertheless than once in three month;
  • under rasovic vudine - before conim vdbum, if Pererva mizh them Bula more 2 months.

Dowdle scho dozvola vdduv the pool, Vida pediatrician pastav traveled dainow profilaktichna to look around. By the way, semovita help for vdduv the pool can be on Sait: .


Requirements for vdduv the pool of dorosoma

If Vinica neprijatelja Santerno-epdemiology the situation in specific towns PUNKT on zacharovannyj, yaki mozhut peredovaia through the water in the pools (virusni hepatitis a, dysentery, Gribkov zacharovanna SCRI, Polat, trachoma TA INSHI), vdbum the pool potrebna dowdy s medicine organization, Yak Yogo dozvola vddon.

Perak lcars, yakih vddate necessary for producing dowdy, and also analtv, that it state, saleeite from zacharovanna, s Yakima pow associated epdemiology the situation in the village PUNKT.

Dwellers pectin zacharovanna not poteryalsya, and Deresederu give pipes adminstrat plavlenyh pools not dopustiti vdduv, that is not held by medicine look around s provedennom vapona analtv.

in this case NavNet dowdy s medicine organization yea obov cases, and wymaga the pool PREV of avici " - obrotowy.

wasalmost zaznaczenie rozporzadzenia deresederu PREV aflati whether that dowdy ABO zdavali anali pownoll gromadyanam not need.

practic mayzhe VSI of basani Zobov asout vdduv PREV aflati medicine Dowdle square from Santerno-ademulegun situat.

So, vimagati from vdduv the pool Dowdle mozhna tilki in nayavnost Vdovin epdemiology situation in the village PUNKT I propisi deresederu.

Zvert your attention: For nezakonno vimovo Medicina dowdy prebaceni adminstrative modified.


Requirements to medicine organization, Yak Vida dowdy for vdduv the pool:

  1. Right vidac dowdy on vdduv the pool valout derzhavni that comartin medicin organization scho mayut LANs on nadanna medichnih the hotel (vikonannya robot) s Vdovin proflame medicine diyalnosti (therapy, pectin horobi, dermatology-venereology, Phthisiology, genecology, otorhinolaryngology and others);
  2. the
  3. Derzhavni medicin organization a fee for nadanna dodci not tagout;
  4. the
  5. From the Razi nadanna medicine services on pastaw contract nadanna medichnih the hotel vartist dowdy bude wyznaczanie pricelist kinnim in medicine organization;

Monitoring NavNet medicine dowdy have vdduv the pool sdisney Yogo adminstrate.

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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