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Lose weight with protein diet

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Nutritionists believe a balanced protein diet the most effective and simple method of weight loss. It is designed for those with the 1st party wants to get rid of extra pounds, but 2 - has no desire to give up favorite foods and significantly alter his own lifestyle.

In the main menu of this diet for weight loss consists of rich protein foods, but carbohydrates and fats should be kept to a reasonable min.


power Features

Ordinary last 2 weeks and makes it possible to reset from 4 to 8 "hated" pounds. You need to eat fractional, i.e. every 3 h, however small portions (which is not > 1-2 handfuls). Given frequent meals during the protein diet almost never appears hunger.

the Main rule is that the main plate should be foods rich in protein (seafood, fish, lean meat, tofu, cheese, dairy products, eggs).

the menu also allowed are rich in carbohydrate food, but their glycemic index should be very low.


What can you drink?

During the diet need drink daily min1,5 - 2 liters of liquids (tinctures with herbs, coffee or tea without sugar, mineral and ordinary water).

is Necessary to completely eliminate any carbonated drinks and sugary juices, as they contain huge amount of carbohydrates. For example, is considered sweet banana and grape juices, therefore it is better to opt for tomato juice or the juice from the apples and celery. It is important that the juice contained little carbohydrates.

100 % required excludes alcohol.

  • first, this is due to the fact that protein diet decreases the body's resistance and increases the load on the kidneys, stomach and liver;
  • secondly, alcohol inhibits the production of pepsin (food enzyme) that breaks down animal protein.

in Other words, eating together alcohol and protein food, people not just lose weight, but also very likely to get indigestion.

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