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The use of candles to eliminate constipation

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the meal is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients is the primary way to restore energy potential. Our body is designed in such a way that everything useful from the food it absorbs, and the waste is periodically removed through the anus outside in the form of feces. If all systems run like clockwork, the act of defecation occurs at least three times a week and this is the norm. When the balance is disturbed due to diseases, hormonal failure, an unbalanced diet, low physical activity, causing a condition known as constipation. In this case, the person may not go to the toilet (no urge to defecate) for several days. To help in such a situation can special rectal suppositories. Their use may arise a natural question: ? In this we will try to understand further.

What is a suppository?

the Core problem is in the colon, close to the anus. It is not surprising that the preferred option of medication will be its introduction in this area. To do this, the drug must have a special form: the appearance of a suppository like a bullet or projectile having a cylindrical body with a pointed end.

At room temperature, in a sealed package and immediately after extraction, the candle is solid, but at the same time viscous and oily. Achieve this through the use of a glycerin Foundation. This material moisturizes the mucous membranes, liquefy the stool, relieves irritation.

How fast acting suppository?

the Effect of candle are directed at the wall of the rectum, and stool. In the first case aktiviziruyutsya motility, peristalsis, tone the muscle tissue that can lead to the formation of urge to defecate. In the second case, the solid glycerol absorbed, aggregated lumps of feces that are difficult to remove outside through the anus without damaging soft tissues.

Optimal (average), the dosage for adults is about 1 suppository a day for children and up to three times a week. The input is recommended to do in the morning, after an hour or two after Breakfast. To operate the candle starts within 15-20 minutes, because the glycerin dissolves fairly quickly in a warm environment.

As you can see, suppository glycerin is quite effective and fast acting remedy. Despite a lot of positive qualities, he has some contraindications, for example, allergic reactions of the patient.

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