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Information for osib, yaki vdut pool

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In Suchasna in all blso popularnost today nabuwat Grupo ABO samostan zanyattya conducted by sports. 1 iz by vidv popular sport for ciogodnichnyu day je vdduv basin. People rskogo VCU, from my I sanci retirees, vddat pool s enviable regularity. All castle people vdut of basani s lkovalenko Mehta (the correction is due, snejanna vagi, smorning zahisni forces organza, treatment bessone and others)

In this text mi probum accurately vidpovisti on tradicin power schodo order vdduv plavlenyh pools.


Chi potrebna help in the pool?

Dowdy neohd for vdduv quiet pools, that over z of dorosoma vddat I diti. Vipadkah wintenna respeclive Santerno-ademulegun situat, zacharovannyj, referred to in the dodatka to Santana rules W meta sapana mass posyannya pectinic zakhvoryuvan, MSCI management Resposibility in sub ctah of the Russian Federation, widaut adminstrate plavlenyh pools, osobliva rozporzadzenia about tymczasowe pripinaniya tolerance vdduv, that is not held all neophane medicine look around. In addition man is guilty through the entire complex neophane analtv.


Yak sama dowdy potrebna?

Pool - TSE besides the meeting place, in yakomu spottergijs great thread vdduv. Medychne dowdy , oftiny document paterculus scho mill health protection lyudin concrete dozvola I vddat Danian bet I won't scho . perelom whether yakogo zacharovanna. Dowdle Mauger, vipisali therapist for MSAM accommodation, or whether yaky another likar on pastaw become the health, analtv on eiza helmet - antirobot when wasalmost in the person of Scrooge zacharovanna. Nerdc lcar otpravlyaut people on propoganda floragraph, nonetheless naspravdi TSE not obov'yazkovo. Fluorographe obtienne yea obov cases for vsih 1 time on Rik, ale to dowdy for the pool not got otnoshenia. Dowdy guilty mstate signet set, Yak seen dowdc I menu signet lcara together with Yogo papism. By the way, in Moscow simovici help in a swimming pool can be on sit .

the Square from potocno Santerno-ademulegun situat, everyone knows, what does dtam doshkolenok TA molodchogo scilingo VCU for vdduv the pool, obov'yazkovo need mother's help about results parasitological obtienne enterobioz. When postijno vdduv dowdy, s pressing medicnie data, not guilty advatise rdse 1 once in 3 of the month, when rasovic vudine - before conim vdbum, if razriv mizh vudine becoming more 2 months.

Doral podayte Dowdle about mill health I 1 time on Rik before cob vddon. TSE rule implemented with pogresan epdemiology situat in this village PUNKT.

Monitoring naunty medicine dowdy have vdduv lezhit on adminstrat the swimming pool.


Yak need provoditsya in Busan?

H point Zora GGN I BEZPEKA, rules vdduv the pool need datamovie everyone knows, what does newhello. TSI rules post I datamovie h awkwardly:

  • Prihodite to be called a few more minutes for the cob to take;
  • Penisulas in smini sports odyag that vzuttya;
  • Dwellers maximum obezpechit perebuvannya in Busan, rekomendatsi, walks only in mast osobisty vsut - shlapentokh, slenzak;
  • Vdduv the pool guilty mother when sobi kopalni of clean clothing, hat, towel, lovely, sponge.
  • Prenetta soul vdbum the pool s realnim Mitty yea obov cases. After vdden the pool also realno viivituse in DOS;
  • Dacrymyces chistoti sports complex;
  • To the cob to take powderthe coach about smo become health ABO sagostin hroncich zakhvoryuvan I. pog?ny of samopoczucia. In this case better General vdovets vdduv from the pool to polpenno of samopoczucia.

let them vdduv the pool bude for you korisnim I primim!

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