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Secrets of effective sleep

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Modern life is fast, and it is important to effectively AppUse This Criterion her every hour. Especially since most people from six to ten of them every day lost in a dream, without which our body can not function properly. If there is a question, you must know that with the right approach, after a short sleep a person can wake up fresh and rested. And after a long – broken and mouthvshim. Share the secrets of how to effectively use the allotted hours of sleep.

Preparing for bed – not least, as he did. No coffee or energy drinks of the night – nothing that has prompted the body. From heavy exercise for an hour three or four before going to the postspruce, for the same reason you should refuse.

Do not eat fatty or other heavy meal before bedtime. If you want a snack, best to choose something easy, such as dairy products. Such food, by the way, promotes sleep, along with peanuts, figs and bananas. But the sharp, sweet foods and protein sleepy orgaLowland contrary wake. But go to bed hungry is not worth it – will be difficult to sleep.

prepare the body for sleep shower. Be sure to wash your feet with warm water – is relax, causing blood flow to the head. Further contribute to good sleep bath with essential oils. In the water can drip oil Apelsina, mandarin, cedar, juniper, lavender, clary sage and rose. Excellent relaxing effect has Vanilla planifolia.

Also, any prompt you that for a man to sleep useful in ventilated room. Open windows at least ten minutes, ideally – for half an hour.

For a quick sleep, you can take the correct posture. Consider that the most effective - lying on its side.

And train yourself properly to go to bed. The body needs treatment, and it is desirable to sleep and wake up to an alarm clock, though, but at the same time.

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