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Contact lenses for eyes

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Contact lens - a small optical device (lens) ofprepara- tion of a transparent material. Contact lenses in the vast majority perform its basic function - vision correction (increase its sharpness), but there is also a group of so-called decorative lenses used for the purpose of decoration (for example, to change the eye color). According to estimates of the World Health Organization, the method of contact torrektsii of today use more than 120 million people in all the world, with an absolute majority using lenses - these are young people aged 20 to 30 years. The majority of people who prefer lenses - are women (about 70% of the total). This is explained quite simply - the lens is actually invisible toeye, which eliminates the need to wear glasses, which for some is aesthetic or practical accessory. Acquainted with the very broad range of eye contact ling you can.

Arrange contact lenses can be based on several criteria:

1. Rigidity consstruction. There are two groups of lenses - soft (made of soft silicone or hydrogel material and used in 90% of cases) and rigid (manufactured from polymeric materials and are used in cases of complex pathologies).
2. The color scheme. By this criterion, the contact lenses can be divided into three groups: transparent correc-tiruyuschie, colored (for a fundamental change in the color of the cornea) and tint (hue changes to the cornea).
3. Lens shape (spherical, toroidal, multifocal).
4. Wearing (daily, weekly, continuous).

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