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What is alcoholism

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- is not only a relationship, it is a serious and chronic illness can say. It is based ona kind of addiction to alcohol products, exacerbated by the dependence on the mental and physical level. The incidence of this infection in the world society are staggering: according to the WHO the number of "sympathizers" green snake passes for 120 million people. From a purely medical point of view is undoubtedly the chronic disease,main symptoms are uncontrolled intake of alcohol, drug, despite the obvious consequences, distorted state of mind. The main predisposing element is of course a variety of alcoholic alcoholic beverages (beer, vodka, wine, brandy, etc.). But in addition to the basics, there are also a variety of predraspolag factors and conditions:

- the social situation (income, education, traditions);
- genetic or biological predisposition;
- Psychology (alcohol suppresses the nervous system, so people is a weak person, prone to use alcohol to suppress mental racesdisorders, stress).

As a chronic disease, alcoholism is classified phasic development:

- the first stage. A characteristic feature is the desire (hardly surmountable) alcohol. Craving for alcohol is held with the Use of a temporary alcohol, andMenno therefore, at this stage of the disease is curable;

- the second stage. Persistent craving for alcohol dependence, loss of control;

- the third stage. Subconscious uncontrollable desire to drink.

The abuse of alcohol, except asotsializatss, leads to serious liver diseases, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, mental disorders.

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