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Dependency problems

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The dependence - a need for some particular activity, but whichSit intrusive nature. In the generalized form (opinion that exists in society), any relationship - it is nothing like a bad habit. Dependence, whatever it may be, is a product of society and, oddly enough, the more developed a society is, the more dependencies and their followers appear. More details about dependencies, andtries of their appearance and methods of getting rid of them read.

In general, all of these states can be distinguished into two main groups:

1. Physical (chemical). Characterized by the development of tolerance (addiction) to some drugs, narcotic and psychotropic drugs during chronic administration.
2. PSYCHOLOGICALtal (behavioral). Characterized by a certain attachment to a variety of activities on a subconscious level and, in fact, due to the inability of different reasons to stop it yourself. In medical practice, is used almost exclusively for comparison with drug addiction and alcoholism some stage. Although a widerthe term "psychological dependence" can be consumed in a variety of activities, as socially dangerous, and quite harmless. Among them, for example, the constant extreme sports (adrenaline), nymphomania, meditation, creative activity.

Modern society creates and cultivates the 5 most common dependenceBridges:

- Internet addiction. Oddly enough, but today it is the most common addiction, side effect of technological progress;
- overeating. The problem of excess weight as acute, especially in the developed countries (especially the United States and the United Kingdom);
- smoking, alcoholism,addiction. The most deadly addiction, which are also quite harmoniously in one particularly taken the body;
- gambling.

The danger of any addiction is that with the help of a man trying to replace or compensate for the lack of anything in my life, which in turn has its roots in this andrd and family relations.

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