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Yoga is one of those concepts that invariably accompany modern society is too active. For most, not really delve into the essence of the concept, peopleThe concept of yoga is associated with a certain set of physical exercises that promote flexibility of the body, muscular system, psychological resistance, removal of stress phenomena and physical fatigue of the body. At the same time, most of the practitioners any of the directions of yoga (the basic directions of about five) only vaguely aware of the bolee meaningful spiritual, psychological basis of the teachings and even fewer practice and exploring all facets of this, no doubt, cultural events and heritage of Buddhist philosophy. In fact, the concept of yoga has a deeper meaning, and is a comprehensive teaching, aimed at the development of mental and physiological functions, self St.oego inner peace. It's no secret that the most in-depth development of any technical, human, psychological, physical exercises, takes place in the immediate environment of treatment, the primary source. Thus, as the study of, for example, the English language is best held in English real environment and a more complete depth noznanie practices yoga is best done in areas traditionally considered to be the cradle of Buddhism and Hinduism - India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indochina. It was with this aim are organized throughout the so-called. Their aim is to improve the physical and mental capabilities, different from the everyday environment, and thus provides a majorth condition for better development practices - no distractions. Stay in areas where traditional practices Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga allows to gather knowledge from the source. But this does not mean that yoga is known precisely on their ancestral homeland - yoga tour can be organized in any country, as long as the placewas more distant from the bustling cities and towns - for the best of oneness with nature and the inner world (mountains, forests, seashores and other).

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