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Bracelets Power Balance

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In our time, is becoming increasingly popular phrase. Numerous campaigns on all kinds of media (television, radio, newspapers, Internet) tell us about the supposedly miraculous bracelet, can solve any problem by improving the body. What actually is this accessory? Power Balance technology has been proposed by the same companyabout 2006. The company then presented to the public a line of bracelets, focused mainly on representatives of professional sports. It was assumed that the regular use of the bracelet (in fact, the mere wearing it) will allow a deeper manage energy, physical potential of the organism, reachedamb best results, extend the limits of their capabilities. At the same time, the bracelet is not positioned as a kind of medical technology and a panacea - according to our tests and studying the issue came to the conclusion that the medical, treatment plan bracelet is effective not more than any other accessory that uses the placebo effect (self-hypnosis). Agreementbut to representatives of the company, the bracelet is used, the so-called technology of energy waves. The main active element of the bracelet is positioned holographic insert, used as a generator of energy waves, for each individual organism. Confirmed the positive effects of the use of this braceletare:
improve coordination, strength, endurance, flexibility, decrease stress phenomena of fatigue.

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