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Now, probably just lazy andminded people have not heard such a thing as BAD. The biologically active additives - a set of biologically active food additives, which is designed to compensate for the deficiency in the body of certain trace elements. To date, this group of goods actually became hostage to their properties. Many companies in the market, positioning itselfas producers of unique therapeutic drugs, actively manipulated the concept of dietary supplements, misleading consumers. It should be noted once and for all that dietary supplements are not drugs, they do not eliminate all kinds of disease, as trumpeted on every corner, but only create the necessary conditions to ensure that the body itself nAchal solve all problems (primarily by restoring adequate levels of vitamins missing). It is this principle professes Russian company "", which has been about eighteen years produces drugs that are very beneficial to the entire body. This is an absolutely versatile products that include Supplementsand herbal tinctures, natural cosmetics and more. It is important that the basis of all of these drugs is a natural raw material. Basically, it's medicinal herbs and fees, berries Baikal region, the Altai slopes. Quality of the product allows the company to consistently maintain its leadership in this area of ??the market. Not for nothing that the company takes its nameEstablished in the heart of Siberia - Novosibirsk. It is in this harsh land where everyone should primarily rely on their own strength, so important aid nature.

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