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Pensions on the Azov coast

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The Sea of ??Azov is one of the most unique body of water in the world. Firstlys, it is the most shallow sea in the world (average depth ranges from seven to eight meters, and the maximum - a little more than thirteen). Second, the sea this territory became relatively recently (about five to six thousand years ago), before being plain on which ran the water of the river Don. A kind of isolation from the larger and deeper mOuray, with which it is hydrologically continuous communication (primarily from the neighboring Black Sea), causes a milder temperature background and creates ideal conditions for the creation of recreational areas. No wonder, on the coast of the Azov is based a lot of Hotels and resorts major resort centers: Berdyansk, Primorsk, Henichesk, arrowsod. A lot of resorts are located in the coastal beach area on the so-called streamers - Arabatskaya, Herald, Obitochnaya, Berdyansk. They are in a unique natural environment, surrounded by the sea on one side, and on the other - the steppe with high grass, pine plantations, alleys roses. Remember: if you do not want to pay, then you lubetter than those that can be done on the websites of these institutions. Almost any pension on the Azov coast - an ideal place for a measured, calm and, at the same time, holiday fun, either alone or with your family. Here are created excellent conditions for rest and recovery, both adults and very young guests. Living conditions zdeSubscribe to suit all tastes, from boarding an apartment hotel type, to cottages premium, caf?s, bars, dance halls, discotheques and restaurants. Azov coast gives you the opportunity to relax and spiritually, and physically, positive energy for the whole year.

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