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How to cure a cold

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So, what really characterizes modern society, and for the most part - it is extremely dismissive attitude towards their sHealth is in favor of professional interests. In such conditions, which, in fact, accompanied by constant stress, uneven hour to catch any disease. Perhaps the most common of these is a simple cold. The disease, which has repeatedly accompanies every human life and well-known since time immemorial. It's liketime and formed a complex of medical facilities and practices (both traditional and alternative, folk) for the speedy and efficient. Feature cold in the fact that it is often confused with the flu or SARS, that is fundamentally wrong, because they have different causes and agents of development, and, accordingly, the methods of treatment. Any strain of influenza or SARS - a viral disease caused by ingestion of viruses. At that time, as a cold - a set of symptoms caused hypothermia. Therefore, a rapid response to symptoms of colds can reduce the time course of the disease to a minimum, eliminating the possibility of complications, including aOtori figures and flu. The most common symptoms that characterize the common cold, are upper respiratory tract infections (colds, laryngitis, pharyngitis, etc.), weakness, unusual increase in temperature (usually does not exceed 38 degrees, unlike the flu, and then neglecting). From these points follow the basic principles of letion colds:

- drinking plenty of fluids (approximately 2 liters of fluid per day);
- flushing problem areas (saline nose and throat rinse herbal solutions);
- strengthening immunity;
- prevention (hardening).

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