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What vitamins are needed to our hearts

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Everyone knows that the smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system- Is the key to health and longevity. But very few people bother to dig deeper and understand the real state of affairs. What can be compared to the work of the heart and blood vessels, its importance and principle of operation. If you look at the question in purely technical line, the work of the cardiovascular bears a striking resemblance to any forced liquid feeding systemof, for example, pumping a closed system where the role of the heart performs a circulating pump, and vascular (pipelines). Damage to the pump, in fact, stops the operation, as well as the destruction of one of the pipelines. Each circulation system (heart and blood vessels) requires regular maintenance with the use of various vitamin complexes.Such stimulation is especially necessary to modern man who actually deprived of time for physical activity. In such circumstances, as well as constant stress lead to the development of serious diseases, which is easier to prevent than to treat. Such prevention is carried out using complex vitamins. The most popular(Required):

- vitamins A, E . Trace elements, helps cleanse the body. The largest concentration of these vitamins found in apricots, carrots, sour cream, milk);
- vitamins B . Trace elements regulating the process of water metabolism. The maximum concentration of vitamins found in cereals, meat;
- enzymes.

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