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Leather - a natural barrier and containment of the organism. Every day it is exposed to the harmful influence of aggressive environment. Singularitybut this effect is noticeable for women who are going through and so concerned about their appearance. Naturally, as the skin is given a lot of attention. One of the means of daily cleansing of dirt, restore the natural barrier protecting the skin are moisturizing lotions. One of the most popular and high-quality products among them are Frenchuzsky. He is one of the top products of the company Galderma, as a representative of the eponymous line of various dermatological vehicles. Setafil lotion contains in its structure properly selected active components (sodium lauryl sulfate, methylparaben, butylparaben, cetearyl alcohol, etc.) that contribute to:

- deep cleansing of the skin (without breaking the natural barrier and pH);
- hydrate and soften the skin.

The lotion is not necessary to wash off, it does not contain harmful substances, is not conducive to a breach of subcutaneous fat balance (in other words, the formation of acne). Setafil has no serious Protivopokazany, so is perfect for:

- greasy skin type;
- allergic-type skin (in the event of an allergic reaction to soap and dermatological formulations);
- problematic types of skin (acne-prone , dermatitis, eczema);
- sensitive skin (prone to increased annoyedNIJ, drug allergies, and other climate-dependent).

Setafil is ideal for the daily care of your skin.

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