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Remedy for nail fungus

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According to statistics from the World Health Organizationapproximately 20% of the planet's inhabitants are regularly exposed to fungal diseases legs. Most often this disease affects the feet and toenails. The causes of the disease are quite diverse, although most commonly associated with personal hygiene legs. In addition, a critical influence the shoes that you wear, or rather inconvenient, dirty shoes.The risk of infection is increased because the fungus (athlete's foot) has a contact distribution pattern. That is, if your feet are in contact with a surface or object on which there are spores of the fungus, you - the owner of the potential fungal infection. Typical place "dislocation" fungal infection - beaches, spas, pools, showers, fitness facilityEU clubs. In addition, the use of co-towels, shoes, clothes and potentially puts you in the category of risk. An important factor is the general decline in immunity, poor circulation (especially in the legs), weight and so on. Treatment of fungal infections depends on factors such as: the area of ??damage, the duration of slaughteringLevan, the nature and the presence of pathologies. In any case, all come in two basic types:

- exterior. This group of drugs include the totality of ointments, creams, gels, topical patches. Ointments and patches are used to soften and remove the affected area of ??the nail. Cream (Lamisil, Terbizil) ECare usually in the early stages of the disease;

- internal. This group includes tablets and encapsulated agents that actively influence the risk of infection and prevent reinfection. The most common drugs in this group - Terbizin, Mikozoral, Lamisil, Diflucan, Orungal.
In any case, it is better to prevent the disease, focusing on personal hygiene.

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