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Orthopedic Beds

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Every day people do a lot of physical and mental work, but not infinite resources of the body and requires regular recovery.Mother Nature has provided the benefit of such a scenario, and enabled man to restore vitality during sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in the life of every member of the human race, it is critical to health, memory, the ability to perceive and assimilate information. Quality sleep - is the key to overall health and, inparticular, the health of one of the most important organs - the spine. It's no secret that many serious diseases directly or indirectly related to the problems of the spine. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right mattress, preferably with orthopedic effect, ensures the correct position of the spine during sleep. This does not mean, Thuon the mattress will help you get rid of diseases of the spine, but he warned them progression, relieve fatigue and relieve your spine. All available on the market can be distinguished in two groups: spring and springless. Each of these groups, in turn, is divided into classes depending on the design of filling.

Mattresses on the basis of spring blocks can have two basic designs:

- dependent block of springs (Bonnell), in which each individual spring is connected with the neighboring. Mattresses tend to economy class, with low supporting effect;
- block of independent springs, where each springplaced in a separate pocket and independently of adjacent pressure sensitivity.

Pros - great supporting effect, quiet. Disadvantage - the higher the price.

springless Mattresses are usually hard or soft elastic-type, instead of the spring block equipped with a special onfillers, in which can be a:

- natural latex (elastic but soft or medium hardness mattresses);
- synthetic latex (hard mattresses, with good resistance);
- flaky coconut -lateksnoe content (hard mattresses);
- coir (maximum hard mattresses).

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