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Rinses the mouth Asepta Active

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The image of modern life (vremyapreprovozhdenie, food) negatively affects the overall health and dental health in particular. If we analyze the overall situation in this area, probably, there is hardly a man who once did not attend a reception at the dentist about tooth filling due to caries (well, except that representatives of what some Tribesvariables unions in Africa or the Amazon). The problem is quite common, it often there are cases when tooth filling does not relieve the pain, does not solve the problem, but rather strengthens them. If the pain you worry too much - the reasons for such a development may be several:

- naturalreaction to invasive procedures, with damage to the enamel and nerve endings;
- poor quality filling (undeleted, nerve damage, unfilled cavity);
- an allergic reaction to the filling material and the other.

The pain that bothers the first week or two, how to plant natural xCharacter of and deal with it can be through the use of oral rinses Asepta Active. It has a pronounced analgesic and antiseptic properties and are therefore useful for removal of inflammation. Active ingredient Asepta are benzydamine (pain reliever) and chlorhexidine (antisptik). Complex solution actively affects the bacterial and viral forms suitable for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, as in dentistry and in otolaryngology. One of the main advantages is its Active Asepta complex action on the teeth and gums. Cure, usually last for a week, but can also be used Asepta etc.alley in daily prevention.

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