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Cardiology centers in the world

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If you ask passers-by on the street about howsecond in his opinion is the most important organ, most would call the heart. This is the main "pump" of the body, which provides blood circulation. Like any complex mechanism, the heart can not work forever on the same high level, but when you consider what kind of lifestyle is a modern man, "damage" is inevitable. Diagnosis, treatment and prophIkoyi diseases of the cardiovascular system is engaged in a branch of medicine cardiology. Areas of interest include cardiology: heart disease, coronary heart disease, angina, failure, arrhythmia, hypertension, heart attacks, aneurysms. To date, cardiology - a single powerful branch of medical science, which is actively developing a theoretical, scientific ISSledovatelskom and practical terms. Development centers are the world's leading cardiology centers that focus better diagnostic, laboratory facilities, modern equipment and the best experts in this field.

The most important, in terms of theoretical and practical work, cardiotsentrami world are:

- "Cardiology" - Cardiology Belarus in Minsk, specializing in the treatment of ischemic heart disease, failure, hypertension, as well as the system of rehabilitation;

- - the leading regional and global leader in the most technologically sophisticated treatment of CHD, arrhythmias, notsufficiency;

- NNIIPK Meshalkina - Novosibirsk Cardiology, which is the country's largest research, educational and practical center in the field of cardiovascular surgery, transplantation;

- Universit ä ts-Herzzentrum Freiburg - German kardiotsentp, combining the best specialists and equipment from Freiburg and Bad Krozingen. The presence of a powerful tool and a theoretical framework, research center allows you as clearly as possible to combine theory and practice to achieve heart health;

- Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin - Berlin kardiotsentp with a worldwide reputation, specializing, including on issues of Heart and Lung Transplantation;

- HDZ NRW - Heart Center Bad Oynhauzena in Germany, which in addition to practical work, working closely in research with the University of Bochum plane;

- DeutschesHerzzentrum M ü nchen - another German center, is a complex of clinics and institutes in Munich and the region;

- American Hospital - Istanbul International Cardiology, combining the best equipment and specialists in the region;

- ASSAF HAROFEH MEDICAL CENTER - one of the largestShih medical centers in Israel, pay more attention to, among other, cardiology;

- Assuta - the largest and most modern private Cardiology Israel, brings together the best professionals and equipment;

- PREMIUM HEALTH SOLUTIONS - Austrian private Cardiology specialists catorogo focuses on minimally invasive methods of treatment and diagnosis.

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