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What are orthopedic mattresses

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The modern man is extremely unhealthy lifestyle, characterized bylow mobility, constant stress, lack of sleep. Many diseases are younger, for example, a violation of posture, scoliosis, low back pain, hernia, arthritis and so on. But even in such a rhythm can effectively conduct prevention of diseases of the spine due to the greater mobility and a good rest in sleep. Many people underestimate the importance of sleep, tying eronly about physical rest. But the nature of our organized in such a way that a dream - it is a universal recovery mechanism that a qualitative approach is able to resume the operation of all systems of the body, including the spine. All that is needed - to create conditions for quality sleep, the main of which is the quality choicegovernmental mattress with orthopedic effect. Its main function - to maintain the spine in a normal physiological state, whereby the load is removed at the intervertebral discs. To get acquainted with orthopedic mattresses, please visit:. The correct choice of the mattress - it is responsible, as it affects the orthopedicth effect. It is important to correctly take into account many factors, including: anthropometric data (height, weight), the presence of pathological changes in the spine and other organs (scoliosis, low back pain, hernia, etc.), and other financial opportunities. Distinguish two main groups of mattresses, differing organizing principle of the main unit mattressA: spring (based on dependent or independent spring block) and springless (based on layers of latex and coconut fiber). The first - more technically sophisticated, soft and medium hardness, the second - easier technologically, more stringent, but due to a combination of different layers can change their properties.

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