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Sanatorium "Poltava-Crimea"

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The problem of infertility of a spouse (or both) is not so rarity on aegodnyashny day. Despite the level of development of modern medicine in developed countries from one year to the demographic situation worsens. It depends primarily on the person, his lifestyle, desires and preferences, which are somehow dictated by the society in which he lives. Medicine is not able to eliminate the constant stress, wrongto Local, destructive lifestyle, including bad habits, one way or another affect the genetic material. But it can affect fertility, until the appearance of a positive result. Many are trying to solve this problem (and quite successfully) is performed by artificial insemination, but this approach does not solve the main problem - the elimination ofdisease, which ultimately led to the inability of conception. Consequently, it will continue its negative effects, including the fetus. It is a paradox, but the solution to the problem of infertility can be found in nature, without going into expensive pharmacological trends and techniques. One of the unique methods of treatment illREPRESENTATIONS, leading to infertility, has Crimean mud resort Poltava Crimea in Saki. Healing mud and brine local salt lakes indispensable in the treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases. The mud used in a pre-warmed (about 37-46 degrees). Depending on the application, the procedure can be in the form of mud treatmentin baths, zoned applications, compresses, rectal or vaginal swabs. Sanatorium Poltava - a vivid example of how nature can activate biological regenerative processes of the body without the help of medication.

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