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What is a colonoscopy bowel

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The human body - it's pretty difficult at allx point of the system, with lots of hidden embodied nature restoration opportunities. Even so, it is prone to diseases that violates his work (as well as any technical mechanism susceptible to breakage). Proper treatment, that is, one that leads to a positive effect and restore lost functions largely dependsIT objectivity of the results of diagnostic studies. There is a human internal organs, the diagnosis of which requires invasive, minimally invasive or non-invasive penetration directly to the intended site of the lesion. An example of this is the intestine, for research that requires probing the purpose of visual inspectionstate bowel wall. In respect of the large intestine similar procedure is called colonoscopy. Thus, the cavity of the colon endoscopic probe inserted with a special camera that allows real-time estimate the state of internal wall surfaces of the intestine. to determine ulcers, tumors (polyps), scars,erosion, foreign bodies to remove polyps (even with the smallest size of 1 mm or less), and a biopsy. As a rule, for this procedure does not cause pain, but the pain threshold undervalued, application of local anesthesia. The range of the colonoscope is about 150 cm, which allows effective investigationDowa entire colon. The process usually lasts about ten minutes and monitored visually (on the monitor) or X-ray method.

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