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Dance, just as the music throughout the history of human civilization (in fact different civilizations) constantlyaccompanied the human race. He was and is still, as a purely practical, cultural connotations (for example, a means of expressing their feelings, or elementary leisure) and the sacred, ritual meaning, as part of the cultural traditions of every nation, religion, culture, having a ritual significance. Each region of the globe Characterizinged their dance traditions: if, for the Old World are characterized by a more refined waltz, foxtrot, the South, and especially South American (and Central American) peoples prefer a more open, sensual, sexy dancing type, tango, salsa, bachata and reggaeton. Last, is the youngest of all dance techniquesWhich arose at the turn of the 90s of the last century in Puerto Rico and Panama. It is believed that reggaeton - is the most outspoken, provocative and sexy dance of all. Initially, reggaeton is a solo dance, but there are also paired options that are even more demonstrate intimacy between partners. The dance combines alecients Latina, dancehall, bachata, replete with movements of the hips, body, breast, causing rotation with overtones. very exciting and will suit everyone. There is nothing daunting, but with his head enough benefit. It can be an excellent alternative in the gym, to enhance the effect. Reggaeton - it is extremely emotional, feelingstion, sexy, active and dynamic workout that will brighten up your drab, strengthen the body, health and emotional state.

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