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Contact lenses - a step towards healthy vision

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Many people who suffer from problemsmy poor eyesight, despair ahead of time. Indeed, instead of treating the disease they are trying to simply compensate for this by wearing glasses or contact lenses. However, the problem does not go away from this and vision can not be restored.

For those who have finally said goodbye to the dream of a normal returnvision, the idea that recovery of vision without surgery – reality sounds crazy. However, in practice such an attitude mistake.

After all, in most cases, vision problems associated with overexertion of the eye muscles, causing the wrong focus view. PWhen improper focusing the light that falls on the retina, refracted properly, resulting in a blurred image. For diseases that are caused by overstrain ocular muscles, include:

  • Astenopatiyu.
  • Astigmatism.
  • Gipermetropatiyu.
  • myopia.
  • anisometropiauw.

Each of the diseases that list, anyway, due to the fact that there is a strong eye muscles fatigue. For some – this is the main reason that leads to vision loss and disease, and for others – it is a symptom that helps progress of the disease and leads to moredeterioration. Anyway, it is the eye muscles and fatigue due to poor lifestyle choices lead to serious diseases of view.

However, if you decide for yourself not to give up and to eliminate such problems as poor eyesight, or prevent progression of the disease, you should choose lechaschie lenses – expensive operation and drugs. Lens icris helps to normalize contractile movement of the eye muscles. Due to the fact that the lenses are coated tetroftoremulgelem at the molecular level, with both sides of the lens, several layers of this material is achieved by the interaction with human tears, followedCorollary of this interaction reaches muscle relaxation eyeball. Over time, when the cramps regularly removed, muscle work comes norm and vision begins to recover.

Recovery of view, thanks to this method of stress relief to the eye, leading to the fact that 97.6% of the cases nroiskhodit normalization of view. These results were reported as a result of long research and testing in several US states, including Washington, Texas, Nevada, California, Florida, Indiana, Arizona. The tests were more than nine and a half thousand volunteers, who after some time vision was restored nVirtually completely. These tests were carried out in collaboration and under the control of the Japanese Chemical Physics Institute, which confirmed the results of the project.

With regard to the time required to sight restored – the results are highly individual. In the groups that were healthylowed life: doing sports and eating only plant foods without cholesterol and animal fats – first positive results were observed in the end of two months. In the other groups, such rapid growth was not observed, improvement occurred in the period from 4 to 6 months of use lenses.

The required information, which you can find on the site: and – will help you choose the best option of attending lenses and become more familiar with the principle of their actions, prescriptions and use.

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