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What is Dogecoin?

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Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created by American programmer Billy Marcus in December 2013. And it’s not strange for us to write, but for you to read, it was based on the Luckycoin cryptocurrency, which in turn is based on the Litecoin base. Thus, the developers wanted to distance themselves as much as possible from Bitcoin, which at that time was associated with the use of drugs in the world. Dogecoin's coin designation looks like DOGE.

Based on the fact that the Dogecoin cryptocurrency is not a direct fork, i.e. a copy of bitcoin, between them there are noticeable different ones. For example, mining dog money was initially a little strange, because it was impossible to know the rewards for prey, since it was random, but after thousands of complaints from miners, the developers decided to make this process more familiar, and fixed a reward for each block mined. So crypto mining of DOGE became popular.

As for the total number of coins, at the beginning of this project, 100 billion coins were conceived, but according to current information, this amount is unlimited, which may affect the rate of dogcoin.

Where to buy Dogecoin cryptocurrency?

The Dogecoin cryptocurrency is not super promising, but this does not prevent it from being popular among the crypto community. Due to this, it can be bought not only on cryptocurrency exchanges, such as, Hitbtc, Bittrex, Poloniex, but also on a multicurrency wallet such as cryptonator and others. At the peak of popularity, kurs dogecoin reached $ 0.017 per coin.

Forecast and prospects for the Dogecoin exchange rate for 2019

I would like to note that the cryptocurrency created “in fun”, at the peak of popularity, had more than $ 1 billion in capitalization. Such results were achieved thanks to the popularity of the meme, with the image of a dog, which is now the “face” of the coin.

Seriously, what the future of this cryptocurrency will be is hard to imagine, because apart from its availability and simplicity, Dogecoin has no other advantages. Or maybe this is the key to success?

At the time of writing, the rate of dogikoin is $ 0.002. You can view the current Doge course here.


One of the main advantages of Dogecoin over other popular cryptocurrencies is complete transparency and user confidence, as of today, this representative of digital money has not noticed participation in “muddy” cases and schemes.

Moreover, the doge community has repeatedly supported fundraising for charity. And in 2014, and did participate in fundraising in support of the Jamaican bobsled team.

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