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Registering a business in the Netherlands - benefits of the procedure

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business in the Netherlands

Every year in Russia it is becoming increasingly difficult to conduct business. Businessmen suffer from constant checks, exorbitant taxes and raider attacks. The way out of this situation may be the creation of a company in Amsterdam. Professionals who know the rules of local and European legislation thoroughly are ready to assist you with this difficult task.

Benefits of working in the Netherlands

The leadership of the Netherlands over the past 15 years has created almost the best conditions in the world for doing business. Fast-growing industries such as IT are compelling this, since The Netherlands scores well in most innovation rankings and is a popular location. Operational subsidiaries are also common in the Netherlands, especially within businesses that are active in import and export. The Rotterdam harbor and Amsterdam airport are ideal gateways to the densely populated areas of Western Europe.

A simplified formation procedure is in place here, allowing you to register a company without communicating with officials. Foreign investors enjoy a number of privileges. They freely open bank accounts, with a minimum set of documents. Local governments are never interested in the nature of the origin of capital.

The Netherlands attracts Russian merchants with such advantages:

  • state-guaranteed asset protection;
  • stable tax regime with advance tax ruling practise;
  • developed business infrastructure;
  • low corporate income tax rates.

In addition, the entrepreneur is able to hire qualified specialists from among his compatriots for the short term.

How to open an office in Holland

Company formation services in the Netherlands are provided by ABiLiTieS Trust, a company that collaborates with medium-sized businesses and multinational corporations. The organization operates in accordance with Dutch law and has been granted with a trust license. Clients are served by experienced lawyers and experts in the field of international law. They quickly create a holding or operational company for any type of commercial activity.

The presence of a virtual office gives the businessman greater "flexibility" due to the lack of long term rental agreements. All accounting operations are conducted by local professionals. You can easily move to a larger or smaller office and rent meeting rooms if you need.

Register a virtual office in the Netherlands with ABiLiTieS Trust. A foreign representative office is guaranteed to increase the profit of your business.

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