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Trees pruning: useful tips

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pruning trees

Trees are important accents that every yard needs. They provide shade like no other plant, and add height and beauty to your landscape. However, despite the fact that trees do a lot for our yards, they are often overlooked when it comes to care and maintenance. From time to time, trees need a little attention - like any other element of your landscape. One of the best ways to care for your trees is to prune the tree, as it helps with structural integrity and promotes growth. Gentle tree care can help preserve your trees so that they continue to grow and grow for years to come.

The importance of pruning trees

Pruning trees is a great way to care for your trees, but you need to do it right. Cropping may seem pretty simple, but be careful; incorrect pruning can be fatal for your trees. For example, if a damaged branch does not need to be pruned immediately, trees should be pruned only at their sleeping stage. Pruning during the active growth phase can lead to overwhelming stress on the tree and depletion of its energy supply, leading to the early death of your tree.

The dangers of pruning trees

Cutting trees may seem like a quick and easy job, but it can be very dangerous in fact. Between the risk of falling from a tree and hitting a sawed branch, pruning trees can result in significant personal injury and costly damage if they are not performed correctly. We recommend avoiding risk by hiring a tree pruning service. Professionals can help you do the job in the safest way - so that you and your home are protected from the danger of pruning trees.

When to remove trees

Whether your tree is sick, dying or dangerous, pros can help determine when pruning is not enough. You may hesitate that the trees will be removed from your yard (by the way, Houston tree removal can be ordered in "Valerio's Tree Service & more"), but sometimes it’s for the best. Painful trees that have not responded to the treatment put other trees at risk of infection, and old or dying trees pose a security risk - especially during the stormy season. While you may be tempted to try to remove the tree yourself, it is best to let the tree removal service take over the work. Tall trees need to be removed in pieces and they need to be cut correctly so that the tree falls in the right direction to avoid getting into any structures. But be careful: one wrong cut can send a tree directly to your (or neighboring) roof! 201 125

Sick tree treatment

If tree removal is necessary due to tree disease, it is important that the tree removal service takes over the work. During removal, tree diseases can spread, endangering other nearby trees. A tree removal service can help you remove and destroy infected trees correctly while protecting other trees. As an added bonus, tree services can also determine if your tree can be saved by treating or removing the infected section.

Do not tighten to remove stumps

After removing the tree, you may have a protruding stump. While stumps can be left to decompose on their own, they can be in the way of future landscaping plans or become a thorn in your yard. Tree stumps are also attractive shelters for wood pests, which may ultimately find their way to your home. Removing a stump can be a good investment to avoid future problems. The most popular way to remove stumps is by grinding. During grinding, a commercial grinder is used to grind stumps into sawdust. The shredder also takes care of the roots, completely cleansing the area. Since a chopper of this size can cause serious damage, we do not recommend using this method yourself.

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