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Properties compression hosiery

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Knitwear - a material that is the same popular Execuzuetsya in many spheres of life. This specially woven fabric, the constituent elements of which are wool, silk or synthetic fiber. Depending on the combination of threads (type of weave and intertwine type materials), knitwear has properties such as a beautiful stretch, softness and excellent elasticityst. The latter property is best suited for use knitwear in medicine, in the production of knitted elastic compression products. Probably everyone has heard of or used items such as elastic bandage or a bandage. Their main purpose - to support tissue and unloading. Similarly, the act and its only use ite found in the treatment and prevention of varicose veins, which are known to develop due to excessive load on the legs and loss of elasticity of blood vessels. Besides, compression stockings - is an excellent tool for the prevention of other vascular diseases, in particular thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, venous insufficiency, trophycal ulcers and others. All compression stockings can be roughly classified according to form and class of compression. Structurally, knitwear may take the form of tights, hose (bracers), stockings, tights and underwear.

According to the compression properties, jersey is usually divided into four groups:

- preventive (used in sedentary way of life, pregnancy);
- Grade 1 (mild compression that is used in patients with severe varicose veins, ulcers, edema, in the postoperative period);
- Grade 2 ( strong compression, which is used for the treatment of venous insufficiency, in rehabilitation after thrombosis and ulcer);
- Grade 3 (the most powerful compression that is used in cases where the efficiency of Class 2 knitwear is not enough).

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