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Symptoms of hidradenitis sup-

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The sweat glands, as well as the whole body exposed to infection. With the defeat of Staphylococcus glands ariseshydradenitis disease. Most often affects the glands located in the armpit, but the problem may appear in the umbilical region, inguinal folds, or on the genitals.

It is worth noting that has never been observed in children or the elderly. The explanation for this all simple - the function of the sweat glands is more active inpuberty and almost extinguished when the person reaches retirement age. Therefore, most often with the disease faced by adolescents at the time of hormonal imbalance in the body. Hydradenitis often a problem for women during menopause, when also fails in hormone levels. &Nbsp;

In addition enumerablePARTICULAR causes of the disease, there are also factors such as the presence of the patient pyoderma – frequent purulent skin inflammation due to the presence of pathogens. Infection occurs through microdamages on the skin when shaving, combing or epilation, against the background of reduced immunity. The risk also increases, in violation of the rules gigyen and body care, using foreign objects to shave.  

Most hydradenitis when there are small seals in the form of nodules, which are accompanied by itching, tenderness to light pressure. The growth of these nodules occur fairly quickly, and they begin to protrude from the skin becomes noticeable. Swelling and pain amplifyingare, and changing the color of the skin at the site of inflammation, it becomes red and blue. And if a few nodules with increasing merge into one, there is a picture of an even more serious disease, which is called cellulitis. In addition, the clinical picture is accompanied by malaise, fever, intense weakness. &Nbsp;

Full develment of the disease occurs within two weeks. During this time, the nodules can be opened independently, and then to the site of inflammation focus leaves a scar. However, since the disease might take and chronic, acute stage occur several times in cancer involving a new process. If a strong weakening of immune functionhydradenitis becomes an abscess and if measures are not taken, the bacteria are carried by the blood throughout the body, leading to sepsis.

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