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What is a mattress topper

September 19 2014
< p style = "text-align: left;"> Once again talk about how useful and necessary in life is the dream of every person probably does not make muchsense. What is more important - how to create the right conditions in all respects, to qualitatively realize this vital need. Of course, it all starts with the fact than on sleeping man - a bed or mattress. The modern market is literally full of different mattresses mattresses with orthopedic effect, frame and frameless, the differencetion of performance, size, with a different carrier. But in this article to describe the structure, the advantages and disadvantages of orthopedic mattresses, we will not, because the information about this more than enough. I would like to draw your attention to a new kind of mattress toppers like. By the way you can in the online store "ECO-mattress". Already from Hosting Projecttion becomes clear that the topper - a surface that is from above (from the English top - top). Topper is something of a frameless mattress (based foam filler), but was originally used for other purposes. The first task is to protect the topper your orthopedic mattress from contamination. Rasrelying mostly on top of the mattress topper acts as a kind of mattress cover. Second, the topper is able to smooth out any unevenness due to the main surface of foam filler having a shape memory. This allows efficient use of conventional topper on a sofa bed as the main mattress. In addition, the toppers onhas a number of useful properties that are actually useful in any home: anti-static, anti-allergenic and protivokleschevye. Due to their small size (thickness of the order of 5-8 cm, against 3.20 in the main mattress) topper weekdays equally interesting and useful to all.

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