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What is mesotherapy

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Mesotherapy — is the introduction of micro-doses of homeopathic medicines and alopaticheskihennyh funds. With mesotherapy can solve aesthetic problems of any complexity: improved color skin, increases skin turgor, disappearing deep and superficial wrinkles, lifting effect is achieved, the body reduces the volume in the zone « breeches » and cellulite disappear (even started).

At a certain place the syringem introduced certain medicine: so when the doctor pricks the usual drug, it acts directly on the entire body, and to the most painful places it reaches only a small dose of — that, in turn, reflects badly on the effectiveness of treatment and on the body.

The purpose of mesotherapy - concentration on the local manifestation of « Zaboltion & raquo ;. By the way, if you combine mesotherapy with other treatments (eg, physical therapy), the results of treatment will be even better.

Technology of mezoteapii

For each disease is a « cocktail & raquo ;. Almost all of the formulations are prepared in a homeopathic pharmacy. Yes I AmLeah medicine is injected into a specific point with a syringe « gun » or with a fine needle. If we manage to correctly identify the point for drug administration, the treatment process will be virtually painless and as effective as possible. And it is not necessary that the drug will be administered in a painful place — it may well be that thethe rank of pain is a very different place. That is to say that the treatment was successful doctors need opredilit exactly what and where to treat. Drug is administered under the skin in small doses (0.02 to 0.2 cm 3 for 1-y injection) to a depth of 1.5-6 mm. For example, in the treatment of disease by conventional means a person for the week gets a dose of medication on average 60 times more hourseat with mesotherapy. The course of treatment in each case is individual and determined by the doctor.

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