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Ozonator and its application

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Ozonizers — are devices that are intended to nasyschat air ozone. Ozone is a highly unstable chemical element that decays after a couple of ­ chickpeas after the appearance. True its a short life this element resides very rapidly, modifies and degrades almost all components of air. In a nutshell: ozone - it's sort of a chemical cleaner. This propertyAn attempt ozone scientists ­ were put to the benefit of mankind invented electric appliance ozonator. By the way you can in the online store

Ozonator, for freshening the air in the office and residential premises operates on a simple followingManufacture PRINCIPLE: electric voltage is applied to the 2ndparallel plates between which the discharge slips — and after a couple of minutes in your kitchen will « freshness frosty morning & raquo ;, instead smell burnt milk. Ozonators are very effective if you need to eliminate the smell of fresh paint or smoke, in general help when ventilation of the room is ineffective. Any person who falls under a severe thunderstorm felt incomparable, peculiar smell of freshness that you can feel in the air immediately after the close lightning strike. It was fresh after a thunderstorm and smells of ozone.

Applications ozonizer:

Disinfection; &Nbsp;
Cabinoccurrence of acne;
Production of mineral water;
Food Processing;   &Nbsp;
oral (of a bad smell); &Nbsp;
Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract;   &Nbsp;
bleaching linen;   &Nbsp;
ozonation and air purification;   &Nbsp;
Giving underwear color;   &Nbsp;
Setwound chlorine, dandruff, fungal diseases; &Nbsp;
Caring for pets, aquarium care.

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