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Obezzhelezyvanie water

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The easiest way to filter water from the iron is defending. As is well known, include self soluble ironoyatelno oxidized to form rust. That's the way iron removal occurs naturally, and to the water you could drink, and the precipitate that defend just need to remove.

Some water treatment systems for the treatment of iron still use exactly this principle: the water from the well initially falls into a huge riverezervuar in which it is until the oxidation of iron and its loss in the sediment. But this method has a number of disadvantages: need a huge tank and pump water from it must pump. And to defend it takes a lot of time, which is not always convenient for the end user. Purification of water by this method does not give100% of the results, it can be used only as a preliminary stage in the cycle complete iron removal. Read more detail.

free iron removal

Today for iron removal of water using a special boot, which is poured into the filter housing and Dayeso much opportunity to accelerate the oxidation of iron. Loading designed so that it is both a catalyst and sorbent precipitate the reaction – all the rust that forms is deposited on the filter garnulah obezzhelezivateli and there remains. The very process of purification takes less than a minute, and the very substance falls freelyin the house right from the tap. And when clogged filter surface, it passes through a simple cleaning washing.

Reagent deferrization

When the concentration of iron in the water is greater than 5 mg / l, it is necessary to take a more powerful filter to load a different class. After plugging takogo filter besides the usual washing process using a special solution that would restore their oxidative capacity. When iron removal by this method, harmful chemicals washed down the drain, which is why the use of this method is allowed only if a centralized sewerage system in the room.

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