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Fatigue - our enemy or friend

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When the tone of a person is weakened, it feels marriage POWER SAVEs, fatigue occurs. It occurs after long-term physical, intellectual work, or after the emotional and psychological stress.

The main characteristics of fatigue are drowsiness, muscle weakness, lack of efficiency, appetite, unwillingness to do anything, I want a lot of lying, depression mood.The result can be fatigue fatigue, in which there are strong, insomnia, depression, lack of energy. &Nbsp;

At first sight, fatigue can prirovnyat to a certain extent, of the disease, and therefore this phenomenon detrimental and harmful . But not all as bad as we imagine. Let's take a look at what is good,and what is bad.

In those moments, when the worker is no longer able to perform their jobs when the athlete can not achieve success unbearable, of course, fatigue is classified as harmful and unnecessary, as the foe.

We have described that fatigue, no doubt, has a negative impact on the body, what is bad. But there are otherth side of the coin, which indicates that the same fatigue and has positive effects on our body, and it brings benefit.

So, fatigue was found to play a protective role, it protects vital organs from unnecessary waste of energy, exhaustion. Fatigue higher nervous system can be compared to beforehranitelnym valve. Then the inhibition activity of the organism, leading to incoordination, mismatch job functions, that is disturbed normal human condition.

Another argument for the benefit of fatigue, it is a prerequisite for improving performance in the classroom training, labor processes . This phenomenon is calledsupercompensation principle be ordered or overreduction.

As a result, a lot of energy recovery occurs abundantly. Therefore, the resources at some point pass the initial level. Overload, ie fatigue, exercise supercompensation, renews the lost strength. But it does not speak too much about the overheating ofmanual ultrasonic inspection.

It can be concluded that fatigue is a kind of protective, defensive reaction, which contributes to further increase efficiency. The main thing is not to bring the body to exhaustion, because that too — not good.

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