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What is dorsopathies thoracic

October 06 2014

The modern man, in spite of the impressivelevel of development, is at risk of developing various diseases. In many ways, the nature of these depend on the way of life and work, which leads people. If, even thirty years ago, people spend more time outdoors and doing more mobile activity, but today his life absorbed in personal computers, which itselfis to minimize physical activity. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the number of diseases associated with the spine (this is the most important organ, most acutely felt by the lack of exercise and, therefore, is gradually exposed to degenerative phenomena). Diseases affecting the spine enough, Mr.about all they have in common collective name dorsopathies (from the Latin "dorsum", which means "spin"), as well as similar symptoms, such as: back pain and limited mobility (and not only the affected parts of the spine, and not only the spine ). The most common, due to anatomical features, is the defeat of the lumbarof the department, but no less rare and. It is characterized by symptoms such as regular pain in the thoracic (chest), the heart and the peritoneum, dramatically increasing with   physical activity and movements (actions), which involved the relevant parts of the spine and muscles (eg, chewing, coughing, sneezing, andcat, etc.). For the diagnosis of thoracic dorsopathies uses advanced manual method (palpation with   the definition of painful areas), which must necessarily continue in the form of X-ray or MRI. Treatment dorsopathies sternum is comprehensive and generally consists of steps, which are no different from treatment practicesIa other degenerative pathologies of the spine:
- pain relief;
- physiotherapy (massage, exercise therapy, reflexology, etc.);
- surgery (shown as a last resort, in the absence of the effect of previous stages of development and pronounced inability to control physiological processes).

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